Highlights from the Media!

“Realizing her dreams, she found herself holding a painting brush to reflect the stories of people and eternalize moments that will never come back.”

– An-Nahar Newspaper

“She identifies herself with her art, and it is in her paintings that she finds serenity and refuge…her art is her passport.”

– L’Orient Le Jour

“Searing honesty and a powerful arsenal of techniques and colors, Chahine strips away layers of pretension to reveal her subjects’ most telling moments.”

– Un peu de Kel shi – Sahar Ghazale Blog

“Chahine translates her life experiences and feelings into paintings that reflect the stages of life; sometimes dark, sometimes bright with austere, happy, lost, ambitious, innocent and vicious faces…as is the case in real life.”

– MTV Lebanon

“Artist Paula Chahine has an elegant style that stems from the essence of life. A style that took her around the world on the wings of art and creativity.”

– Al-Joumhouria Newspaper

“Stories, in the context of this young woman are not passers-by. She lives them, absorbs their essence, and then paints them on white canvas that will hold her signature after hours of passionate work.”

– An-Nahar Newspaper

“Today, after years of hard work, personal development and success, Paula has hundreds of stories to share through paintings that are more than ever full of emotions and passion, signed by her brush.”

– Agenda Culturel

“Her abstract style and the technique she follows have given her paintings a great echo in the region, allowing her to swiftly sell a multitude of paintings in Lebanon, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.”

– Mondanité